Recent talk in London on spooky things

Below are some recent talks, panels, and classes led by Allison C. Meier. If you’re interested in hosting a talk, drop a line.

Manipulations & Manifestations: Allison C. Meier on Spirit Photography at Swann Auction Galleries in New York (October 2018) A talk on the history of photographing ghosts

TV interview on Tony Guida’s NY (May 2018) A discussion of cemeteries, overlooked history, and more!

MoMA R&D Salon 19: Death (January 2017) Part of a lineup of speakers invited by Museum of Modern Art curator Paola Antonelli to discuss modern death and culture.

Municipal Equation Podcast: Into the Alley (July 2017) Part of a podcast episode on the alleyway in cities.

Rosenbach Museum, Philadelphia: Marianne Moore and the Camperdown Elm (January 2017) A lecture on how the modernist poet Marianne Moore helped save a rare tree in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park.

London Skeptics Club: Is there anybody there? Victorian Spirit Photographs (July 2017) Can a camera capture ghosts? This talk for the London Skeptics Club examined the history of spirit photography in the 19th century.

Visual Arts Center of New Jersey: Playground of My Mind (September 2017) A discussion on modern playground design, responding to Julia Jacquette’s exhibition at the Visual Arts Center of New Jersey.

PechaKucha 20×20 NYC (September 2016) Discussed staging unconventional events in cemeteries at the evening of short-form presentations.

Placemaking in Places of Death: Governors Island (August 2015) A discussion on holding events in places of death, organized by Sextantworks on Governors Island in the New York Harbor.

Brooklyn Brainery (2011 – 2018) Periodic classes on cemetery symbolism and New York cemetery history.