Here is selected writing by Allison C. Meier, from a New York Times op-ed on an island mass grave, to the story of the 19th-century Queen of Magic:

Fish at Mary Nohl’s House in Wisconsin

She Caught Bullets with Her Bare Hands — and Made Magic’s Glass Ceiling Disappear [Narratively]

The Graves of Forgotten New Yorkers [New York Times]

On the Trail of New York’s Greatest Trees [CityLab and Narratively]

Finding space in New York City’s cemeteries [Curbed]

Why a Bronx Herbarium of 7.8 Million Plants Is One of New York’s Most Valuable Resources [Hyperallergic]

The Victorian Women Whose Writing Popularized Watching Birds Instead of Wearing Them [Lady Science/The New Inquiry]

Native Americans through the 19th-century lens [Wellcome Collection]

Restoring Louise Nevelson’s sanctuary of stillness in Midtown [Curbed]

Saving the Art and Home of Mary Nohl, Whose Neighbors Called Her a Witch [Hyperallergic]

An Urban System of Death [Urban Omnibus]

What the Viral Media of the Civil War Era Can Teach Us About Prejudice [Bunk History]

Bayside Cemetery, Queens

Caring for a Community of the Dead [Order of the Good Death]

Minik and the Meteorite [Narratively]

Night of the Living Synanthropes [CityLab]

Researchers Bury Their Noses in Books to Sniff Out the Morgan Library’s Original Smell [Hyperallergic]

Caroline Weldon, 19th Century Indigenous Rights Advocate and Sitting Bull’s Secretary [Mental Floss]

The Well-Trodden Art of the Manhole Cover in New York City [Hyperallergic]

An Artist Addresses the Field Museum’s Problematic Native American Hall [Chicago Magazine]

Mount Moriah: Exploring an Abandoned Philadelphia Cemetery [Slate]

Long Abandoned Clock Tower is Returning to Life in Queens [Atlas Obscura]

Illustrating Carnival: Remembering the Overlooked Artists Behind Early Mardi Gras [The Public Domain Review]

A Mural Honors the Ruins of an American Indian Boarding School [Hyperallergic]

Hopi Visions: The Journey of an Indigenous History Mural [Glasstire]

The Ancient Forests That Have Defied Urbanization [CityLab]

Before the Garden Gnome, the Ornamental Hermit: A Real Person Paid to Dress like a Druid [Atlas Obscura]

The Only Five Public Statues of Historic Women in NYC [Hyperallergic; It was cited by Rebecca Solnit in her “City of Women” essay in the 2016 Nonstop Metropolis: A New York City Atlas]

Artist Damien Echols Embraces the Magic Symbols that Helped Send Him to Death Row [Hyperallergic]

Dinosaur at Crystal Palace Park in London
Dinosaur at Crystal Palace Park in London

First Sculpture: Handaxe to Figure Stone at the Nasher [Glasstire]

How Art Historians Cracked the Case of Enigmatic Japanese Painter Hasegawa Tōhaku [Artsy]

The Robots Being Built to Cross the US-Mexico Border [Hyperallergic]

Ilonka Karasz, 20th-Century Designer of Modernism, New Yorker Covers, & Nurseries, Receives Her Due [Art & Object]

The New Art Galleries: Urban Cemeteries [CityLab]

The Vivid Violence and Divine Healing of Ex-Voto Paintings [Hyperallergic]

The Lake Monsters of America Map (research and editing for the map, text for article) This map later appeared in the best-selling book Atlas Obscura: An Explorer’s Guide to the World’s Hidden Wonders. [Atlas Obscura]

The Nearly Lost Art of Iron [Art & Object]

Climbing into a Mortuary Drawer to Smell the Scents of JFK’s Last Moments [Hyperallergic]

The Most Metal Cemetery in New York [Slate]

Numbers Instead of Names on the Forgotten Graves of Asylum Patients [Atlas Obscura]

Why Are Medieval Lions So Bad? [JSTOR Daily]

Marking an Artist’s Forgotten Grave with His Own Sculpture of Death [Hyperallergic]

The Victorian Angel Guides of Death [The Offing]

The Fiji Mermaid: How a Fake Monster Crept Into Our Museums [Hyperallergic]

Great Glass Coffin Scam: When Hucksters Sold the Fantasy of Death Without Decay [Collectors Weekly]

Ruins of a Human Zoo at the Forgotten Edge of Paris [Atlas Obscura]

The Webcam of Jeremy Bentham, an 18th-Century Philosopher’s Skeleton [Hyperallergic]

Skull at the Smithsonian Marine Mammals Collection

From Blue Whale Skull to Narwhal Tusks, Behind-the-Scenes at the Smithsonian Marine Mammals Collection [Atlas Obscura]

The Forgotten First Woman Violinist to Perform on the American Stage [Hyperallergic]

The Modest Victorian Proposal to Electroplate Corpses Into Beautiful Statues [Atlas Obscura]

A Tale of Two Explorers: Frederick Cook & Robert Peary [Brooklyn Based]

Belle Starr the Bandit Queen: How a Southern Girl Became a Legendary Southern Outlaw [Atlas Obscura]

Last Midnight of the Steam Whistles [Atlas Obscura]

The Singularly Curious Weeping Elm [Brooklyn Based]

A Forest Elegy for the Rapidly Vanishing American Hemlock Tree [Hyperallergic]

How Gardening Neglected Victorian Graves Brought Community to a Philadelphia Cemetery [Order of the Good Death]

Two Martyrs of Science Rest Hand-in-Hand in Pere Lachaise Cemetery [Atlas Obscura]

How a Smithsonian Naturalist’s Skeleton Ended Up on View at the Museum [Hyperallergic]

Midwestern Futurism: The Endangered Legacy of Architect Bruce Goff [Hyperallergic]